Industry labeling and marking

Control panels and fronts

Electric front panels.

Nowadays , front panels fit as well functionality and desing requirements. They hold differents electrical devices and integrate with the machine decorating it. We mill alumium sheet up to 20 mm , and we employ differents technologies to bent , soldering , print …

Electronic front panels.

We have a lot of bolts , pcb handels and many components from differents electronical suppliers to manufacture those panels. We have cromatized and anodized aluminium sheets.

Plastic panels .

We employ plexiglass and policarbonate plastics sheets .We engrave or print for the drawings and milling or lasering for cutting .

Stainless steal panels

Sometimes the alumium is not enought to stand rustiness in hard enviroments. In that case we manufacture stainless steal panels , we engrave the steal and then paint the engrave with a two components paint or an oven dry paint.

Bent case

Working with our customers we can developed differents solutions where we conbine engrave and print techniques with milling and bending solutions.